Friday, November 30, 2007

Opinion or Incitement?

You only watched 'Question Time' last night, because you noticed that Mrs Caroline Flint was on the panel. Smart, sexy, intelligent, remarkably vivacious, she is, what you believe to be, the epitome of woman and a reason for younger men and lesbians, to become enthralled in politics.

One of the issues that came up was whether or not the British National Party leader Nick Griffin, should have been let into the 'prestigious' debating arena that is the Oxford Union, to speak about his views and policies. Yes, Mr Griffin may have, as far as you are concerned, extremely misguided opinions, but still, he should have the right to express them.

Mr Griffin almost didn't actually get to deliver his speech, because quite a few people seemed to think he shouldn't be allowed to. The irony here would have been quite amusing if it weren't pathetic, these people were outside exercising their right to free speech, whilst protesting that Mr Griffin shouldn't be permitted to exercise his.

You wonder if they actually realise how much they hindered their own cause?

Mrs Caroline Flint seemed to think that he shouldn't have, you couldn't disagree with her more though, and in essence, if she wishes to have a 'debating' session with you on a one to one basis, you certainly won't turn her down, after all, 'debating' with her, would bring new meaning to the term.

'I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.'


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

24 hour protection?

'When are you intending to get off?'
'In about ten minutes.'
'Got a date?'
'Sort of, if I don't get to the flower shop soon and get some for my darling, you'll be doing scene preservation at the scene of my murder.'
'Good luck with that, but why the urgency?'
'She hates it when I don't tell her about what I do, you know, on duty.'
'Are you dead?'
'Well tell her to be grateful for that.'
'I think i'll stick with flowers sir.'

Once a long time ago, as you made your way to a situation that didn't sound too friendly, the very large, unshaven, seasoned Officer gave you some advice. He said that you should come in to the station, do whatever is asked of you, for however many hours you are prepared to do, put in your expenses claims on time, never let your feelings show, and never tell anyone about what you see, what you feel, or what you do, unless it's a funny story, which in that case, he said, 'tell all'.

Recently you read this article, and you thought to yourself, how do Police Officers, both Special and Regular, deal with what they see, with the abuse they take, with what they have to endure, with the stress the job brings, with the constant threat that one day they may be on the other side of the line?

There are times when being in the Police is fun, times when it is hard, times when there is laughter, times when there are tears. Some may bottle it all up, keep it all inside, others may let it out, turn angry, lose what is left of there faith, some may make jokes, turn to humour to preserve what they hold dear, others, like yourself, may not be affected by it at all.

You have not seen war, nor witnessed the worst of humanity, and for that you thank God.

'We who have seen war, will never stop seeing it. In the silence of the night, we will always hear the screams. So this is our story, for we were soldiers once, and young.'

Joseph Galloway, We Were Soldiers.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The road to hell.....

Sometimes, as you look in the fridge and notice that half of your Cranberry and Elderberry Juice has been consumed by someone else, you have the urge to throw your brother on the floor and slap him till he owns up and promises to buy you some more to replace it.

It's the same with your 'voluntary occupation', as another person you have arrested decides he loves the words 'No comment' so much he has to say them in response to everything, you think about easy it would be to jump over the desk and strangle him with your ASP until he tells the truth. You know you won't do this though, because you won't get paid for it, you won't receive any thanks for it, you'd most likely go to prison for it and you don't care anyway, because all the guy has done is smash up his ex wife's garden fence, plus you'll be going home soon, and you'll never think about him again.

However, in a situation where the crime is so severe, or the information required is so necessary, as to the fact that it may save many lives, you can understand where the action of 'coercion' or 'torture' could be justifiable.

Yes, maybe innocent people would be tortured in the process, there is no doubt about that, but is this a price worth paying? Yes, you think it is. After all, Cranberry and Elderberry Juice doesn't come cheap, especially when you are surviving on a Student Loan.

'You may question our means, but never question our motives.'

Adam Carter, Spooks.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Of the highest regard....

At just twenty four years of age, whilst under heavy enemy shell fire, he took care of the wounded, even though he had been hit four times by pieces of shell, he continued saving lives. Only after he had done his job, did he report his own wounds, and seek medical attention.

For this amazing act, this dedication to his fellow soldiers, he was awarded the Victoria Cross.

This man was Captain William Barnsley Allen, Royal Army Medical Corps.

On this day, all those who served, many of whom died, are remembered:

'They ask me where I've been,
And what I've done and seen.
But what can I reply
Who know it wasn't I,
But someone just like me,
Who went across the sea
And with my head and hands
Killed men in foreign lands...
Though I must bear the blame,
Because he bore my name.'

Back, Wilfred Gibson.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Tears, there can never be enough.....

Granted, the most beautiful member of staff hadn’t been working, but it had been a rather interesting day, customers had been polite, and apart from one small incident, you hadn’t really had cause for complaint. With closing time fast approaching, besides the staff, there was only a family of three left in the store, a young couple with a little girl, their daughter.

As you swept the floor, you began to think of how, if Shania Twain came through the door, you might make conversation, you were snapped out of this pleasant dream by a sharp pain in your legs, you looked down and saw that the little girl had run straight into you. Bending down to her level, you looked at her, she smiled and you laughed:

‘Hello there, what’s your name?’
‘That’s a pretty name, how old are you?’
‘I’m three.’
‘That’s a lovely jumper, and a trendy skirt.’
‘I know, it was for my birthday.’

At this point you couldn't help but smile, you turned to her Mum who had come over:

‘She’s really cute, does she want some free chocolates?’
‘I doubt she’d say know to that!’
‘Hold on, I’ll be right back.’

You went over to the counter and found a box full of chocolates, usually you aren’t allowed to give more than one per customer, but you felt that this was an exception. As you put four in a box, one of your colleagues came up to you:

‘Who are they for?’
‘A girl.’
‘Can’t you get her phone number without using bribes.’
‘Don’t be an idiot, she’s three.’

Leaving him to continue flying around like an F-15 on hydrogen fuel, as he usually does, you took them round to the little girl. You put them in her tiny little hand and she smiled innocently; if you had any feelings at all what she said next, in the cutest voice you have ever heard, would have had you forcing back tears:

‘Thank you, but I’ll have to save them for later, when I get home.’

You remember the children most of all, you pray for them above all others, because whilst the guilty party is hard to find, the young children are always innocent, but they always come off the worst, and as injustices go, it is the hardest to take.