Monday, February 08, 2010

The rough diamond.......

You knew, that as it was your first time, you wouldn't enjoy it. With that in your mind you prepared yourself, but what you didn't know, was that whilst you were in the worst place you have ever been to, you would meet a person so beautiful, cute, caring, kind, sexy, stunning and vivacious.

It wasn't exactly a normal day, you'd had about three hours sleep in forty eight hours and you were close to falling asleep while you were still standing up. Suddenly something woke you up, you felt a hand on your shoulder, and heard the words: 'Yes, sweetheart' in your ear. You turned around and saw someone who, was so cute and so beautifully petite. The first thing you noticed about her was that she wasn't wearing any make up, and still she looked so beautiful, she was also so tiny, she looked so fragile, her next attribute that took your attention was her eyes, under her sexy glasses, they looked so innocent, immediately you wanted to find out about her.

During the next few weeks you found the time to listen to her, she told you about her life, the things she had been through, the things she had done, and regretted. You won't admit to having any feelings for her, or about what she said, but if you did, or could, you would say how surprised and emotionally moved you were, that even at such a young age she had experienced so much heartache, yet she still found the strength, the courage, the bravery to look on the bright side of life, to admit her mistakes and to smile.

You don't usually quote songs, but IYAZ understands where you are coming from:

'That girl, like somethin off a poster
That girl, is a dime they say
That girl, is a gun to my holster
She's runnin through my mind all day.'

One thing that you never got the opportunity to tell her, that you wish you had, is that her hips are almost as sexy as her feet.........

'My gift from God is that he gave me a kind heart, I feel what other people feel, so I can help them.'

The Rough Diamond