Saturday, October 20, 2007

On the path, to self destruction?

'United States Air Force Chief Master Sgt John Gebhardt cradles a young girl as they both sleep in a hospital. The girl's entire family was executed by insurgents; the killers shot her in the head as well. The girl received treatment at the US military hospital in Balad, but cries and moans often. According to nurses at the hospital, Gebhardt is the only one who can calm down the girl, so he has spent the last several nights holding her while they both sleep in a chair.'


Johnathan Ross is on four million pounds a year.

A man is stoned in the street, he dies of a heart attack, the pieces of shit who did this to him are locked up for only two years.

Brave British Soldiers don't have enough ammunition.

It's fucking obscene.

'And Jesus said, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.'

Luke 23 Verse 24.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Facing a steam train, with a potato gun?

Maybe some people shouldn't be allowed to have children, should passing on such a diluted Intelligence Quotion be unlawful in society?

'You can't do owt, ya just a blue band.'

As he stood there taunting a young PCSO, you decided enough, was enough:

'It's not clever, it's not cool, and it certainly isn't brightening my evening.'
'Ya wot?'
'Listen very carefully chap, take your hands out of your trousers and behave, before you embarrass yourself.'
'Fuck you.'
'Excuse me?'
'I was talking to him, he can't arrest me.'
'No he can't, but I can, and I will.'

At this point his girlfriend came across:

'Leave it Darren, it isn't worth it.'
'Can you take charge of him and make him behave himself, because if he doesn't, i'm going to have to lock him up and that won't do anyone any good.'
'I'll do my best.'

She turned to her boyfriend and stated in a clear and somewhat audible tone:

'Stop being a prick and go home. I'll -- call -- you -- in -- the -- morning.'

As you stood there watching, you expected her to end up flat on her back with a black eye, but instead he walked away, with his tail between his legs. You and your partner got back in the car, ready to make your way to the next emergency call.

The rest of the night didn't go so well, three in the can for Section 5, one for Drunk and Disorderly, one for Assault on Police and another for ABH.

Sitting in front of the computer, the clock ticked over to 2.20 am, you looked at the numbers, covering a population of over one hundred thousand, six Police Officers were on duty. You walked out the door of the police station, hoping that you wouldn't get attacked on the way home, because you knew that if you called the Police, they wouldn't be able to help.

However, even when they are faced with almost impossible odds, police officers up and down the country still do their best, they go where you still fear to tread.

'The impossible often has a kind of integrity which the merely improbable lacks.'

Douglas Adams.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The way the wind blows.....

Name: Stupid Bitch
Crime: Waving a firearm around on a train, infront of women and children.

Hopefully this stupid little girl won't wave the gun around infront of an armed Police Officer, she would surely be shot dead. Next the photos of her as a baby would materialise, the mother would go on television in tears, because of this the Officer would be made to look like a mindless thug, people would want an enquiry, and the Officer's head would be on a chopping block.

If Jean Charles De Menezes had been a suicide bomber, Sir Ian Blair and the brave Police Officers who shot him would have been heroes, as it turns out they are everything that's disgusting. People are calling for Sir Ian Blair's head, and the Police Officers who shot Mr De Menezes to be named and shamed.

One minute a person can be a hero, the next they are a villain. One moment they can be picking up a commendation for bravery, the next they are receiving a written warning from a Superintendent. It's a dirty, crazy, messed up world, but it's a world where Annabella Sciorra is, so on that beautiful note, you say it can't be so bad.

'Public opinion, though often formed upon a wrong basis, generally has a strong underlying sense of justice.'

Abraham Lincoln

Monday, October 01, 2007

Here you go again........

'Could you prove it?'
'How do you mean?'
'As a copper, could you prove it?'
'I'm not a Copper.'
'Alright then, as a 'Special', could you prove it?'

As your call sign was requested on the radio, you knew it wasn't going to be good news, you were due to go home in twenty minutes, your girlfriend would be waiting for you to pick her up in an hour, and the last showing at the cinema was in an hour and a half. As you heard the message, you won't lie, all you wanted to do was go Off Duty. But about a minute after the request, you and your collegue were traveling to the scene, you knew where you were going.

You only have to commit a total of 200 hours a year to duties, just five percent of what Regular Officers have to do. With this statistic in mind, you remembered that you had been to this address before, twice, once near Christmas, and once a few months later, at that time, you predicted the colour of blue would most likely light the same street again.

Upon arriving at the house, crying could be heard from inside, clearly that of a young child, you stepped out of the car and followed John to the house. You had no idea what would be on the other side, only that you wouldn't be talking about it in the car on the way to the cinema.

As he knocked, you couldn't help but think, here you go again.........

'Nothing is written in stone, and even if it was, stones can be broken.'