Thursday, October 11, 2007

The way the wind blows.....

Name: Stupid Bitch
Crime: Waving a firearm around on a train, infront of women and children.

Hopefully this stupid little girl won't wave the gun around infront of an armed Police Officer, she would surely be shot dead. Next the photos of her as a baby would materialise, the mother would go on television in tears, because of this the Officer would be made to look like a mindless thug, people would want an enquiry, and the Officer's head would be on a chopping block.

If Jean Charles De Menezes had been a suicide bomber, Sir Ian Blair and the brave Police Officers who shot him would have been heroes, as it turns out they are everything that's disgusting. People are calling for Sir Ian Blair's head, and the Police Officers who shot Mr De Menezes to be named and shamed.

One minute a person can be a hero, the next they are a villain. One moment they can be picking up a commendation for bravery, the next they are receiving a written warning from a Superintendent. It's a dirty, crazy, messed up world, but it's a world where Annabella Sciorra is, so on that beautiful note, you say it can't be so bad.

'Public opinion, though often formed upon a wrong basis, generally has a strong underlying sense of justice.'

Abraham Lincoln


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