Sunday, August 19, 2007

A reason, or an excuse?

'My kid's, my kid's have left me, my wife walked out. I'm begging you, let me out.'
'We can't, we've got a job to do.'
'Come on mate, I can't take this anymore, I'll get down on my knees if I have to.'
'We don't have a choice, we can't.'
'I can't believe I'm crying, but please, you don't have to do this, please let me go.'
'I can't.'

You won't lie and say you've had troubles in your life, because you haven't, but you have always seen the world as black or white, if a person commits a crime, they should do the time. Whatever it may be, if they are without a defence, they should take their punishment, not try and get away with it by sprouting excuses from left to right .

Hiding behind excuses is cowardly, a person should stand up and take responsibility for what they have done. If a man looks at another man's girlfriend and wolf whistles, it doesn't give that man an excuse for killing him. The only defence for committing a crime, should be the defence of one's physical self, or the defence of another person's physical self.

The law is a shield, not a sword, justifiable reasons are like diamonds in the sand, rare and easy to recognise.

This quote describes the state of the terrible world you live in:

'I think if people see this footage, they'll say, 'Oh my God that's horrible,' and then go on eating their dinners.'

Jack Daglish, Hotel Rwanda.


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