Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sisters are doing it......

You won't lie, you used to believe that women shouldn't be allowed to be Police Officers, that they weren't 'cut out' for doing the job, that really the only way they could contribute would be by dealing with female victims. You have had the pleasure of being paired with a few female cops so far, all these shifts were interesting experiences, but one was exceptional:

The first time you ever saw this Officer walk into the briefing room, you were completely taken off guard. You had only ever seen one female officer all your life, and that was from a distance. With her long blonde hair swinging over her shoulders and amazing eyes, you began to realise that maybe doing the job for free, wasn't so bad after all. If sights like this were common place in the Police, you would sign yourself up for more hours each month, gladly. She welcomed you, more so than the other Officers, she was friendly, in the car she would laugh and joke. You knew the debate about whether women can actually do a good job as Police Officers would come up:

'So Julia, do you think women like yourself can actually cut it as bobbies?'
'I've been in this fifteen years, so yes I think they can.'
'Fifteen years, I was three when you started.'
'Don't, you're making me feel old!'
'You certainly don't look it.'
'Creep. There are advantages to being female in this job, people see me as less of a threat, I feel it's helped me out alot. But don't get me wrong, there have been times when I've showed up at a job and people have been like: 'What's a woman gonna do about it?'. But I suppose I've just got on with it.'
'No one will ever be perfect for the job, every one's got good and bad points, right?'
'That's the one, the modern police force being representative of the community it serves'
'With lines like that, why aren't you Superintendent?'
'I'm a woman, glass ceiling and all that.'

Even in the face of what she thought was an obstacle, she still managed to have a sense of humour. She went on to tell you all about how, as a single mother, she had to juggle work and the kids. Even though she had clearly a stressful life, she still managed to have a smile for almost everyone, except the man who told her to 'Fuck Off'.

Despite what politicians would say, the Police is still very much 'a man's world', even in it, she did her job to a high level of competency and she maintained her status as a woman, a beautiful woman at that.

Misguided feminists beware, whilst still shaving their underarms, doing their hair, make up and nails, talking softly and with womanly charms, women are doing exactly the same job as a man, and in many a case, doing it with more competence, humour and self respect.

'Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels.'

Faith Whittlesey


At 6:55 PM, Blogger BelfastPeeler said...

Nicely put. Although I have to say in my section we have a few hotties. And there are clear differences between those who use their feminine wiles on their co-workers and the public and those who don't.


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