Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beauty, in the face of adversity.....

'Over there.'
'The blonde one?'
'No! The other one, she's fit as.'
'Personally I prefer the blonde.'
'She's not my type.'
'Slim, with curves that look amazingly sexy?'
'Her mate, has to be.'
'I beg to differ.'

As a deluded young mother, who does not realise that in today's society it is not advisable to care about anyone but number one, lets her children play near deep water, and then says:

'If you're walking down the street and you see a child drowning you automatically go in that water.'

As four year old children are stabbed to death, you remember something beautiful:

Maybe you were disorientated from the second can of energy drink you had guzzled on your break, but her eyes were the first thing that caught your attention. When a woman applys alot of make up around her eyes, it usually hides what's really there, in her case however it seemed to magnify her beauty. Her stunning blonde hair, flowing over her shoulders effortlessly, fair skin that looked smooth and light to the touch, certainly she was the best looking young women you had seen all day, no doubt.

Seing women who look as good as her is a very rare occasion in your time, it's only happened a few times so far and you certainly weren't expecting to ever see her again, but still you thought you would be ready if it happened. God must have been listening and watching, because a few weeks later she walked through the door again. This time the sight of her hit you even harder, not painfully but surprisingly. You've always had a taste for women who wear there hair down, free flowing, this time however, your taste was immaterial, her blonde hair was tied back, but still you found her attractive.

She smiled at you, it took you by surprise, but it wasn't an effort to return the favour, because the warmth of her manner radiated like a bright sun. As you walked past her again, you winked and smiled, taking a bold step, but not having the courage to let the opportunity pass by. Minutes later, you walked by the line and she was nowhere to be seen, you looked up and down, still she wasn't visible.

Seconds later, she came into your line of sight, she wasn't walking she was skipping, she smiled beautifully, her face lighting up with complete delight, she hugged her friend and shouted:

'I got it!'

You walked away with a smile on your face, thinking and wondering, how something so beautiful, so spectacular could ever be created. With that sight in mind, maybe heaven is not a place after all, but a moment where feelings from one person, can be felt by another, without even a word exchanged between them both.

You wouldn't know though, because as a Police Officer, feelings are an alien concept to you, and always will be.


At 6:27 PM, Blogger Neil said...

What are you smoking?

At 2:26 PM, Blogger Joe90 said...

I have clean lungs, for my sins.


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