Saturday, July 29, 2006

The right of Succession?

There is a story of four young girls, arrested by the Police for breaking the law, locked up for the night and then released. You have been confronted by parents a few times, asked why you aren’t out catching ‘real criminals’ and why you are ‘messin wiv’ their children, delinquent and stupid parents, it’s no wonder that their children are on par with them.

Four Girls Locked Up

You have prepared a response, words that you would have liked to say to these parents when they polluted that crap to the media:

‘They are just children and they were not even given the right of a phone call to ring us and tell us what had happened.’

You’re Response: ‘You’ve been watching too many American Cop Shows pal, newsflash for you, Starsky and Hutch isn’t real!’’

'Grace and her friend Sophie were locked in adult cells when children under 17 should be put in a juvenile detention centre.’

Your response: ‘They were locked in adult cells? Really? How sad, I’ll call Liberty right this minute, not. Custody suites don’t have children’s wards with crayons, playdo and Sesame Street Videos, you stupid fool.’

‘The girls did not even write anything rude or offensive.’

Your response: ‘Oh dear, how ignorant can you get? It’s illegal to cause criminal damage. If someone was to graffiti the wall of your house, but the material wasn’t offensive, would you have the same opinion, don’t tell me you would, because I know dam well you wouldn’t!’

"It was horrible as they put me in an adult male wing with no toilet, there was a really bad smell and the blanket they gave me was disgusting. I was worried because I thought there might be rapists in there."

Your response: ‘Very sorry that the accomodation isn't up to your standard, i'll talk to the chef and the five star custody manager. LISTEN, very carefully to what I have to say young lady. It’s not big, it’s not clever, it’s not cool and it’s not hard. You want to paint pretty pictures, go to art school. Or better still GO HOME AND PAINT ON YOUR PARENT’S WALLS!’

If parents act like they do, what hope have the children got? Choice is a wonderful thing, but sometimes a lack of options can be a person’s undoing.

Sometimes you wonder if this country is going down the toilet, but then you see Cheryl Tweedy in a wedding dress and your faith is restored, albeit momentarily.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Israel, still the Holy Land?

Their soldiers have been kidnapped, eight of their soldiers have been murdered, they are being slated by the media every where they turn, they can never do the right thing as far as many people are concerned. When people report what Israel have done they use words such as ‘murdered’ and ‘destroyed’ but when they report what has been done against Israel they use terms such as ‘killed’ and ‘deaths’. See the difference?

Maybe people feel threatened by the country that is called ‘The Holy Land’, maybe people want to use everything they can against it, when the fact of the matter is: Their brave Soldiers were kidnapped, terrorists carried out acts of atrocity against them and murdered many innocent people, they have now decided that enough is enough and they are taking a stand. But what does this get them? Criticism!

Here is a quote from a forum you sometimes read:

‘I am utterly disgusted at Israel. Their actions undermine the whole stability of the region. Its their policies and aggressiveness that caused a Government to be elected born out of a terrorist organisation. And then they go and behave like this. Is it any wonder that people are blowing them up?’

You are sickened by this comment, utterly disgusted at the attitude displayed. You are in full support of Israel and what they are doing. The fact that people would rather criticise Israel than a murderess terrorist is disgusting, a sign of things to come maybe?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Faith and determination, a beautiful sight.

Reflection......Taking care of her mother and sister's memory.

You read this article and you wanted other people to see it, to take it in and be mindful of what it says.,,2-2006320800,00.html

There was a young girl aged nine years old, she was attacked by a coward, her mother and six year old sister were murdered in cold blood by the same coward and she was very badly injured. Ten years on she has matured into a beautiful young woman, with a boyfriend, with dreams of the future and a respect for the past. She doesn’t let what happened to her hold her back, she is glad she looks like her mother and imagines how beautiful her sister would have become.

The coward who did this to her and her family now sits in a jail cell, serving three life sentences for his horrific attack.

This young woman’s grit, determination and faith are an example to everyone.

She was attacked, her mother and sister murdered, but still she picks herself up, becomes the best she can be and is happy with who she is.

When things go wrong, think of her, follow her example.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Political Correctness: The death of common sense?

A few things a Police officer cannot say:

1. ‘I’ll have black coffee.’
2. ‘Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.’
3. ‘The suspect is short.’

Next thing will be that a Police Officer cannot say that a person is Male or Female, because that would make them different and open to being treated differently.

You can just imagine this coming over the radio:

‘I’m in pursuit of a human being; I can’t give you a description because I might offend someone. This human being is wearing clothes and is running away.’

You were sat in a class room in divisional headquarters one evening, undertaking a lesson on diversity. The Officer giving the talk asked what the class would do if they stopped a driver for a traffic offence, this driver stated that you only stopped him because he was black. There were quite a few different answers from the class, here are a few:

1. ‘I’d talk to him and let him know why he had been stopped and that he was doing something wrong. I’d take as long as was needed to try and convince him that the Police are not racist and that I was only doing me job.’

2. ‘I’d try and explain that the Police are not racist and that I am not in anyway stopping him due to the colour of his skin. If he didn’t want to listen I would get a colleague to deal with it.’

3. ‘I’d give him the ticket and tell him that if he had a problem with paying it he should contact the number on the back. Then I’d get in my car and leave, whether he thinks I was racist or not doesn't matter, I don’t care to be honest.’

Guess who said number three?

You think political correctness is a waste of time; it can cause more problems than it is supposed to prevent. It overrides common sense, when that happens things will go wrong. It will come to the point where Police Officers cannot do there job for fear of being disciplined for it.

That woman in the photo above is beautiful, she is stunning and divine. Are you alright to say that? Is it non politically correct?

You don’t care; it’s the truth, to hell with political correctness.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Red face and all, you find the house.

It’s a lovely day and you are crewed with a seasoned Officer for the first couple of hours of the shift. As you are sat in the briefing room a call comes through that there has been a RTC (Road Traffic Collision) on a main road.

You and your colleague blue light it to the scene along with another unit. Two and half hours later you are still stood with the patrol car blocking the entrance so that the carnage can be cleared up. Having close to heated exchangers with drivers, one went something like this:

Driver: ‘Can I get through here kid?’
Joe 90: ‘No mate, there has been a road traffic accident, the road is blocked.’
Driver: ‘Come on, I’ve got to get to work, it’s getting late!’
Joe 90: ‘I’m sorry sir, but I’ve got my orders to keep this road vacant, please turn around and go another way.’
Driver: ‘That’s easy for you to say, you’re at work already. I pay your wages!’
Joe 90 (under breath): ‘No you don’t you idiot, I’m a Special case and I bet you dodge your taxes anyway! Plus, you most likely haven’t noticed, it’s raining and I’m getting wet. So yes, I am at work already, and I just love my job!’.

With his last remark he engages his car in reverse gear and drives off, a sweet exchange at 8 O’clock in a morning, just what you need.

Next job is an alarm call; blue lights go on, through the traffic, the feelings great every time this happens. You get there all ready to go, ready to arrest, tag and bag as it were and you find out that the Secretary has set the alarm off, great! She’s sorry, don’t worry dear that’s alright, just remember the code next time.

You go back to the station and get crewed up with another PC; he’s a probationer and seems to be at ease with himself. You are going to affect an arrest for a GBH, the PC you are with has done the entire file on his own, good lad. You turn up at the guy’s house to arrest him, but guess what? He’s not there, he’s at work. His mother, who you thought was his sister (she liked that), says he will be back after his shift has done.

You make your way back to the car and get handed a Burglary job, on a local estate. As you arrive, you notice that the street is there, no problem. But the house number seems to be a miss, the street starts at 21 and the house number is 16, interesting. After conversing with several members of the public, a shop keeper and a bill board with Scarlett Johansson on it, red face and all, you find the house.

As you and your partner are on your way back from this burglary you get a call from a colleague, he thinks the man he is with might start to get violent. You arrive at the scene and all is well, an ambulance is on its way, so no harm and no foul. You stand out in the rain waiting to direct the ambulance, no helmet, no hood and a fleece that soaks up water like a sponge, brilliant.

The last job of the shift is a burglary, you won’t go into details about this one, but to say the least it wasn’t nice. Three young lads have preyed on an old woman who can only just walk, you can’t believe why they would, how they could be so cowardly. You know they’ll never be caught and even if they were, this country’s pathetic excuse for a justice system would give them a slap on the wrist. You leave the scene having done everything you can, wishing you could do more.

On your way home you start to think about the last call you went too, it’s going to play on your mind for a bit. Could you have done more?

All in all, it was the best shift you have done, the young probationer you worked with was brilliant, and given the chance to work with him again you would, you’d jump at the chance.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Incompetence and gross stupidity?

Take a look at this news article:

'A man who was spared a prison sentence because he cried in the dock has admitted that he was weeping for himself and not his victim.'

Smash a glass on the face of a young father infront of his children, intimidate witnesses, cry infront of a judge and walk away with community service. What happened to justice for the victim and sentencing being a deterrent?

Where was this Judge when the brains were handed out? It's no wonder that people think the British Justice System is going down the pan.

Some people would blame the Police Service for not getting this man locked up, but in reality it is people like this Judge, who seem to have been born yesterday and can't see further than their decorated and comfortable chambers, that are to blame.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Optimism: Reasons to be thankful.

Just like in the Mecardo, you've got a little list:


Without women the world wouldn't go round, there wouldn't be a reason to rise from your bed in a morning (or afternoon) and you certainly wouldn't bother to turn on the charm, after all, what would be the point?

The way they walk, the way they talk and the way they smile with their eyes.

Proof, Ladies and gentleman that there is a God!

A family.

Not everyone has a good family, sometimes you feel your family can be a pain in your own arse, but you realise that without them you wouldn't be able to carry on. A lot of people haven't got good families, they haven't got anyone to turn to when things go wrong, for that those who have a good family should think of those without, before they ridicule or say their family is bad.

Mates and Aquaintainces.

The people you laugh with, the people you have fun with. You recently played football with a group of people from a youth group, you wrecked your best jeans with grass stains, you twisted your ankle and got jumped on by five young ladies (not bad), but you had fun with them, it was all in jest.

England might have lost on Saturday, but at least some of the players went out like heros. You would especially like to pay tribute to Owen Hargreaves, despite all the criticisms from fans and pundits, he was brilliant, a rock for England and worthy of his FIFA Man of the Match award.


The Weather.

Some people hate British weather, it rains a lot, but when it's hot, it's a sweltering kind, not nice but occasionally you get a good breeze with it and when you do, it's beautiful. You must never complain when it rains, for without the rain, when you turned a tap on water would not come out.

Little Children.

When the disciples attempted to stop the little children talking to Jesus he said: 'Let the little children come to me.'

Children are an example of what is right with this world, they play together, they have boundless energy and they have a smile as wide as the Grand Canyon. Sometimes they cry, but you know they will stop, because they have no fear and are blessed with tireless enthusiasm.

You are sure there are many other reasons, they usually pop up out of the blue as you walk down the street. You see little children playing together and having a great time, you see a beautiful and curvacious young woman wearing a long white 'gypsy' skirt and you want to fall on your knees and thank the Lord, that he is good to you.

People shouldn't count the bad things that happen, they shouldn't look upon their problems as a turning point in their lives, look at the good things, look at the things they have accomplished and been successful at. Look at mistakes and learn from them, do not dwell on what has been done wrong, but dwell on how it can be put right.

Have faith, despite all the problems and the heartache, it's a beautiful world out there.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Grapevine: Rumour and Gossip, downfall of society?

Picture this scene in an office:

Dave: 'Have you heard the latest? She's having ANOTHER one!!'
Jill: 'Really?'
Dave: 'That's five she's got, FIVE!! She can't take care of the other four, what's she going to do now she's got five?!!'

Your answer to this should be:

'What the hell has it got to do with you how many kids she's got, shut up and mind your own business!'


Dave: 'Did you hear what he did, he did you know, that's what I heard from someone I trust, he did!!'
Steven: 'Really? He's in so much trouble now, so much trouble!'

Your answer to this should be:

'Were you there when it happened? No. Were you a fly on the wall when it was discussed? No. Do you know for certain? No. Well then, shut up and concentrate on your own problems.'

These responses wouldn't win you any friends, it wouldn't win you any admirers, but you should say it anyway.

There is something in society named 'The Grapevine', it's basically a Trojan horse, something that causes so much trouble it should be burnt. It is filled with rumour, speculation, gossip and scum. It's like a game of Chinese whispers, the information is twisted around, misheard, misconstrued and misinterpreted. Reputations are destroyed in seconds by this parasite, lives are damaged and people are hurt.

There is a fantastic quote from a book you believe in, a book you live your life by, a book that as a young boy you learnt to rely on, it says this:

'Do not judge so that you will not be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?' Matthew 7 Versus 1-3.

If people have nothing positive and constructive to say about each other, don't say anything. If it comes to the point where they have to be prying into other people's lives in order to gain some amusement or sense of self worth, then they need to take up a hobby, play sport or go back to bed.

Next time you open your mouth to engage in rumour or gossip, you'll think twice, because all it takes are a few misplaced words for someone to be hurt, it's wrong and it stinks, and that you say to others: 'Grow up, get a hobby and look at the log in your own eye before you look at the speck in your fellow man's.'

If people dealt with their own business and didn't get involved in other people's, the world be a much nicer place.

On a more positive note: Come On England!! Three Lions Roar!!