Saturday, July 22, 2006

Israel, still the Holy Land?

Their soldiers have been kidnapped, eight of their soldiers have been murdered, they are being slated by the media every where they turn, they can never do the right thing as far as many people are concerned. When people report what Israel have done they use words such as ‘murdered’ and ‘destroyed’ but when they report what has been done against Israel they use terms such as ‘killed’ and ‘deaths’. See the difference?

Maybe people feel threatened by the country that is called ‘The Holy Land’, maybe people want to use everything they can against it, when the fact of the matter is: Their brave Soldiers were kidnapped, terrorists carried out acts of atrocity against them and murdered many innocent people, they have now decided that enough is enough and they are taking a stand. But what does this get them? Criticism!

Here is a quote from a forum you sometimes read:

‘I am utterly disgusted at Israel. Their actions undermine the whole stability of the region. Its their policies and aggressiveness that caused a Government to be elected born out of a terrorist organisation. And then they go and behave like this. Is it any wonder that people are blowing them up?’

You are sickened by this comment, utterly disgusted at the attitude displayed. You are in full support of Israel and what they are doing. The fact that people would rather criticise Israel than a murderess terrorist is disgusting, a sign of things to come maybe?


At 10:25 PM, Blogger fjl said...

Jo, you can't be in full support of these loons and what they're doing. Neither side is in the right, sweets. It's barbaric.

At 11:06 AM, Blogger Joe90 said...

Yes, it isn't ideal but letting terrorists rule is much less desirable.

At 3:16 PM, Blogger Midlands PC said...

If Israel was deliberately targeting civilians, given that their armed forces are by far the most efficient in the Middle East, the battle for Lebanon would be on a par with the razing of the Warsaw Ghetto. It was not. Why would Israel spend a large fortune on the ability to ever more accurately target their weapons, laser guided bombs, unmanned drone spyplanes to provide up to date targeting information? Many of their strikes were filmed by the same drones that provided th einfo in the first place, the only thing Hezbollah used to target their missiles was a map of towns and villages. The two are not on a par and never will be.


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