Monday, July 17, 2006

Faith and determination, a beautiful sight.

Reflection......Taking care of her mother and sister's memory.

You read this article and you wanted other people to see it, to take it in and be mindful of what it says.,,2-2006320800,00.html

There was a young girl aged nine years old, she was attacked by a coward, her mother and six year old sister were murdered in cold blood by the same coward and she was very badly injured. Ten years on she has matured into a beautiful young woman, with a boyfriend, with dreams of the future and a respect for the past. She doesn’t let what happened to her hold her back, she is glad she looks like her mother and imagines how beautiful her sister would have become.

The coward who did this to her and her family now sits in a jail cell, serving three life sentences for his horrific attack.

This young woman’s grit, determination and faith are an example to everyone.

She was attacked, her mother and sister murdered, but still she picks herself up, becomes the best she can be and is happy with who she is.

When things go wrong, think of her, follow her example.


At 10:37 AM, Blogger fjl said...

It's always helpful to hear tales of hardship and courage.


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