Friday, May 15, 2009

When the curtain falls......

You get up, rub your eyes, look over at the other half of the bed, she's still fast asleep, of course she is it's half past five in the morning. It's pitch dark outside, only the street lights are providing illumination in the gloom of a foggy morning. You have a quick shower, a shave, get changed into your uniform, go over your boots with a brush polish, kiss her good bye (she's awake by now, not through choice) and head off to work. It's a quick drive in, especially at that time in a morning, no one is around, except for the milkman.

You arrive in work and the first thing Alan asks you is: 'Late night was it?' He jabs you in the ribs gently, and then produces a wide grin, expecting some sort of retort, one that you usually give, you are happy to provide one: 'Yes, your sister can really party when she gets going.' he laughs, hits you again, he gets your sense of humor, not that many people do. About an hour later you're watching a re run of Jeremy Kyle, while doing paperwork, sorting out a case file for Criminal Damage, it's not that interesting, but they damaged some expensive equipment, they need to be arrested and processed, shouldn't be a problem for you.

Before you can even start the process however, a call comes in, incident in progress. The caller states that a vehicle has just turned over on its side in the middle of the road, someone is crawling out of the window. You put your baton and cuffs on, grab your high vis jacket and a set of vehicle keys, and then Alan, and make your way there. The scene is not what you expect, a small car is parked on the grass verge, a woman is sat on a bench at the side of the road, crying loudly, her husband is leaning against a near by wall, he isn't saying a word. You talk to the woman who made the call, she tells you that she saw the vehicle swerve in the middle of the road, tyre squealing, then it landed on the grass verge, the woman got out, and was followed by the man, an argument ensued and she started crying. So no 180 degree flip? Thought not.

You talk to the woman, she cries a lot, takes hold of your hand, she doesn't want to tell you what happened, how it happened, why it happened, who did what to whom, all she wants is her husband out of the way for the night. You talk with Alan, he tells you exactly the same story, but from the husband, it seems you've hit a wall of silence. Alan is a good lad, harmless and lets his heart rule his head, so you both decide what to do, and four hours later, it's all rapped up, ready for the shift to end.

You are just about to go home, when your Boss beckons you:

'McClaine, have you got anything planned for tomorrow night?'
'Yes, I have actually, I'm taking her to the theatre, should be a good night.'
'I was hoping you would say no, I need you on nights tommorow.'
'I've got plans.'
'I'm not asking though, just being polite about it, as we all know you like.'
'Well I need you to order me.'
'Then consider it an order.'
'No worries boss, shouldn't be a problem then, i'll be in at 8.'
'Thanks Joe.'

You arrive home, open the door, she's watching TV, it appears that some one just fell into a lake, she finds in funny, you love it when she laughs, her smile is beautiful. You know that in a few minutes, that smile won't be there anymore, you decide to tell her later, let her smile for a little longer.......

'You know, sometimes, it just gets really hard to smile through it when they ask you to bend down and grab your ankles. You know?'

Fox Mulder, The X Files.