Sunday, November 04, 2007

Tears, there can never be enough.....

Granted, the most beautiful member of staff hadn’t been working, but it had been a rather interesting day, customers had been polite, and apart from one small incident, you hadn’t really had cause for complaint. With closing time fast approaching, besides the staff, there was only a family of three left in the store, a young couple with a little girl, their daughter.

As you swept the floor, you began to think of how, if Shania Twain came through the door, you might make conversation, you were snapped out of this pleasant dream by a sharp pain in your legs, you looked down and saw that the little girl had run straight into you. Bending down to her level, you looked at her, she smiled and you laughed:

‘Hello there, what’s your name?’
‘That’s a pretty name, how old are you?’
‘I’m three.’
‘That’s a lovely jumper, and a trendy skirt.’
‘I know, it was for my birthday.’

At this point you couldn't help but smile, you turned to her Mum who had come over:

‘She’s really cute, does she want some free chocolates?’
‘I doubt she’d say know to that!’
‘Hold on, I’ll be right back.’

You went over to the counter and found a box full of chocolates, usually you aren’t allowed to give more than one per customer, but you felt that this was an exception. As you put four in a box, one of your colleagues came up to you:

‘Who are they for?’
‘A girl.’
‘Can’t you get her phone number without using bribes.’
‘Don’t be an idiot, she’s three.’

Leaving him to continue flying around like an F-15 on hydrogen fuel, as he usually does, you took them round to the little girl. You put them in her tiny little hand and she smiled innocently; if you had any feelings at all what she said next, in the cutest voice you have ever heard, would have had you forcing back tears:

‘Thank you, but I’ll have to save them for later, when I get home.’

You remember the children most of all, you pray for them above all others, because whilst the guilty party is hard to find, the young children are always innocent, but they always come off the worst, and as injustices go, it is the hardest to take.


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