Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The road to hell.....

Sometimes, as you look in the fridge and notice that half of your Cranberry and Elderberry Juice has been consumed by someone else, you have the urge to throw your brother on the floor and slap him till he owns up and promises to buy you some more to replace it.

It's the same with your 'voluntary occupation', as another person you have arrested decides he loves the words 'No comment' so much he has to say them in response to everything, you think about easy it would be to jump over the desk and strangle him with your ASP until he tells the truth. You know you won't do this though, because you won't get paid for it, you won't receive any thanks for it, you'd most likely go to prison for it and you don't care anyway, because all the guy has done is smash up his ex wife's garden fence, plus you'll be going home soon, and you'll never think about him again.

However, in a situation where the crime is so severe, or the information required is so necessary, as to the fact that it may save many lives, you can understand where the action of 'coercion' or 'torture' could be justifiable.

Yes, maybe innocent people would be tortured in the process, there is no doubt about that, but is this a price worth paying? Yes, you think it is. After all, Cranberry and Elderberry Juice doesn't come cheap, especially when you are surviving on a Student Loan.

'You may question our means, but never question our motives.'

Adam Carter, Spooks.


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