Saturday, April 14, 2007

When the time arrives......

'What is an Iceberg composed of?'
'Ice, I suppose, sir.'

At 11.40pm 95 years ago, the RMS Titanic struck an Iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean, at 2.20am it broke into two large pieces and sank into the ocean.

As many life boats floated nearby, the men in command of them, both Officers and Ratings, their passengers, listened to the screams of the dieing men, women and children in the freezing water.

One Officer however, who was in command of lifeboat 14, couldn't just listen to the screams of the dieing, he couldn't. He tethered 5 life boats together and transferred his passengers to them, he then took his own lifeboat, along with the men under his command, into the area of the sinking:

"Looking towards the spot from which the voice came I saw a young man about six foot, very slender and sinewy. His face was clear cut and of the fine British red. He had keen, deep set, merry black eyes."

That fateful night, he organised the rescue of four people from the freezing water, and many others on a nearby collapsible life boat.

This man, was Fifth Officer Harold Lowe.


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