Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The million dollar question......

Heaven opened, and out stepped:

Sometimes you ask yourself, what would you do, would you stand by and watch or would you help, would you oblige your duty of care, whilst risking your own safety and your office of constable?

These four Police Officers did, and for it they were accused of RAPE, some of these Police Officers are affected so much by the accusation that they have resigned, or taken leave with stress.

He then admits that he has lied, the event was a complete fabrication.

Sometimes, you wonder to yourself, why bother?

You recently went to a dance performance that a young lass you know was performing in. The dance school that organised the show has a section for younger prodigys, as you watched these little children dance to 'Somewhere over the rainbow', one of them started singing so loud that the audience started laughing, then she started waving at everyone, smiling from ear to ear.

A Police Officer at you station once said, and you quote:

'This is about the only job that can make you feel every emotion at once, even when you're not at work.'

He couldn't be more right.

'Who says the little son of a bitch needs a motive? He took my seat, bang! He's looking at my girlfriend, bang! I need those shoes, bang!'

Det Max Greevey, Law and Order.


At 9:57 PM, Blogger fjl said...

You are right. False allegations are extremely distressing, and it takes all your strength to deal with it. x


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