Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rub the lamp, wish for apathy.

As a very poor student you require something that seems to make the world go round, the small pieces of paper with the Queens Head on, that people pay into banks, building societies and on occasion, Post Offices. You recently took a job at weekends, some Saturdays, some Sundays, telling yourself that it's all about the money, you thought you wouldn't enjoy it.

You are at the till, waiting to serve, when two young boys of about four or five run up to the counter, they stand side by side looking up at you (they have to be really small to do that), smiles beaming from ear to ear and they ask so politely:

'My name's Tom and he's Oliver. Can we have two ice creams please? Thank you.'

As you served these two young chaps, you began to pray, that they won't have to see the things that make this world a terrible place to live in, that they won't ever feel so depressed by the actions of others, that they won't ever be reduced to being so angry that they want to kill.

That they won't ever have to see disgusting squalor that makes them want to be sick, see a woman so racked by drug addiction that most of her teeth are missing and those that arn't are eroded by malnutrition, have to watch a family cry because their lively hood has been taking away by three drunk men using chairs as weapons, to find a woman holding a knife because she can't stand to live any longer.

Gerald Coates, a christian preacher, the founder of Pioneer Network of Churches once said that he purchased a Television set, on the side of the box was the slogan:

'Bringing the world into your home!'

He told the delivery men they could put it straight back on the trolley and take it straight back out again.

Reading this article, you can understand just why he would make that request.

'Your feelings will always be a part of your police work. The more you try to deny that, the more control they'll have over you. We work with different permutations of sex all day, sometimes all night long. Don't worry when you feel something. Worry when you don't.'

Capt Don Cragen, Law and Order: SVU.


At 1:17 AM, Blogger Noddy said...

3 sad indictments of a faithless society. Top post.

At 4:30 PM, Blogger PCFrankyFact said...

Nice one Joe.

At 9:53 PM, Blogger totallyun-pc said...

“Officers confiscated them and gave advice regarding public concerns over firearms. No offence was committed and no other calls were received from members of the public.

"The following day, security contacted Merseyside police again stating they had reviewed the CCTV and had discovered one of the men appeared to place the gun into a young child's mouth.

"This CCTV is in police possession and has been processed. At this time no offence has been committed.”

The Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 Sec 37 amends Section 19 of The Firearms Act 1968, which deals with possessing certain firearms in a public place. This section now reads as follows….

A person commits an offence if, without lawful authority or reasonable excuse (the proof whereof lies on him) he has with him in a public place

(1) a loaded shotgun

(b) an air weapon (whether loaded or not)

(c) any other firearm (whether loaded or not) together with ammunition suitable for use in that firearm, or

(d) an imitation firearm.

And that is an offence...... So who went on record to say it wasn't? Liverpool Police. Those two should have been nicked and charged. A toy gun is a matter for the courts to decide whether it was an imitation worthy of concern.

And if everyone was so shocked, Section 16A is also a suitable charge...
"It is an offence for a person to have in his possession any firearm or imitation firearm with intent—
(a) by means thereof to cause, or
(b) to enable another person by means thereof to cause,
any person to believe that unlawful violence will be used against him or another person."

At 1:12 PM, Blogger GirlNextDoor said...

Brilliant post, but how truly sickening are those links especially the last one, words fail you really. Well done :o)


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