Sunday, February 25, 2007

Banter, a beautiful language?

Being in a library can be an interesting experience, you never know what you’re going to get, all the books on the shelves, their knowledge surpassing your own by multiples of thousands, it can be humbling for a man, for anyone.

As you sat there, at the desk, you heard footsteps, light, far from hasty, a tad on the gentle side, you looked up, expecting to see an old age pensioner look-alike, with grey hair and a pair of huge glasses, instead what met your eyes was beauty herself, long black hair, a curvaceous body, her amazing stance setting you back in your chair. In the conversations that followed she did one thing you don’t find many women doing, she bantered, intelligently, ferociously, fearlessly, without backing down, it was an amazing thing to witness, an experience you’ll never forget.

As you left the library you did something you’ve never done before; you made an instant judgement, you imagined her to be intelligent, an expert at flirtatious behaviour, fighting her natural human weakness of pessimism with a wonderful sense of humour, breaking many a man’s heart without knowing it, but in the same action lighting up their world, with candles that could illuminate The Apostolic Palace.

You’ll most likely never find out if she has all those qualities, all those abilities, yes you’ve judged women before and that you regret, but this time you didn’t think of anything negative, and that feeling of only drawing on the positive, was so marvellous, that one day you hope you’ll be fortunate enough to re-create it.

'When standards of decent behaviour fall, the abnormal becomes the normal and people are almost brainwashed into thinking that evil is good.........Someone has to draw the line and it can be done only through the Police......The law is rooted in rightiousness and Christian principle, I have no difficulty about enforcing it.'

Sir James Anderton, Ex Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police.


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