Monday, April 02, 2007

Sculptured in the heavens?

You've layed eyes on many women, perhaps too many to count, but you've only ever seen three women who you can describe as being the epitome of physical beauty, these you will never forget:

October 11th 2005, Emma: The lecture you were in was making you contemplate an exodus, she was wearing a white hooded top, blue jeans and white trainers, her long black hair was her first attribute that transfixed your gaze, it was shiny and straight, it reached down to the middle of her back. She had a fringe, perfectly sculptured down to her eyebrows, sweeping across her brow, bright pink lips, beautiful bright blue eyes, a smile that could melt even the coldest of hearts. You once saw her in a knee high skirt, her legs were golden and long, her feet were so pretty you couldn't take your eyes off them.

June 13th 2006, Nicola: As she approached you for the first time you were sat at a desk, bored with data imput, she was wearing a red top, long grey trousers and high heeled black shoes, her short blond hair, falling over her shoulders, sweeping from left to right as she walked. Her slim body, hips to mesmarise even the most polite of men, her eyes an example of piercing beauty, her pale fair skinned face, soft lips, beautiful red cheeks sending a message of control, leaving any man in her wake.

Febuary 22nd 2007, Gemma: Wondering if you were out of your depth in the library you sat at the desk, you began to hear footsteps, soft without haste, she was wearing a black and white top, the first thing you noticed about her were her eyes, dark brown and deep, the shield to her soul. The first time her voice fell upon your ears you lost all sense of perspective, soft and sensual, her smile something from the dreams of many a lonely man, shimmering to the point of twinkling in the lights. Her curvacious body, perfectly sculptured by the hands of a God, who left no room for error.

Some people believe that money makes the world go around, you disagree, women make the world go around, well, they do for you anyway.


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