Monday, April 23, 2007

Heads or tales?


'Then we went up to her flat, she opened a bottle of wine and we talked. Then I went to kiss her, and she couldn't stop herself. I grabbed hold of her and we rushed to the bedroom, when I took her clothes off, she took my clothes off, I lay on top of her, inside of her, as we kissed and moved, we both came numerous times. I left the next morning, early as I had to get back home.

I was sat at the dinner table, surrounded by my family who I love, when the knock came at the door. We all thought it was Uncle John, as his seat was allways the last to be filled, but it wasn't. It was two Police Officers, they had come to arrest me for raping a woman, I didn't know why she would say I had raped her, I couldn't understand. They put me in handcuffs, and took me down the garden path to the police car, in front of my family, friends and neighbours. As I sat there in the back of the car, one of the officers told me to stay calm, he cautioned me, I knew it only too well.

When they found me guilty, I couldn't believe what I was hearing, how can an innocent man be guilty, how can I be guilty of something I didn't do. On the way back to the prison, I cried, for the whole time, I couldn't believe it.'


'Then we went up to my flat, he opened a bottle of wine and we talked. Then he went to kiss me, but I backed away. He didn't stop, he grabbed hold of me and forced me against the wall, I tried to scream, but nothing came from my mouth. He pulled off my pants, then he opened his trousers, he forced himself inside of me, I began to cry, I couldn't do anything.

I don't know why I'm here at the the police station, it's just that I feel he has to be punished for what he did, he had no right to take what he did. I can't let him get away with it, it's like he.........he took what I treasured most. He raped me, mentally and physically.

I'm glad he's going to be punished, it feels like I can finally get some closure, for what he did, for what he might have done to other women. When this man raped me, I felt like I was powerless, after he left me I felt like nothing would ever be the same again, I have cried myself to sleep every night since, I can't sleep in my bed without wearing shoes, for the fear that I may not be able to fight back, if he comes back to rape me again, but it's on its way back to normal, his sentence is the first step.'

All the above quotes are fictional, and have been written by yourself, but sadly, they remotely resemble a truth.

When it comes to the crunch, when it comes down to the wire, the only people who know what actually happened at the time, what is the complete and utter truth, are the two who were there at the time, it's he said, she said:

'Yes but her words can put him in jail for ten years.'

Det Elliot Stabler, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.


At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Above The Law: Chicago Cops Out Of Control
While Most Officers Are Honest, Those That Do Wrong Are Rarely Disciplined


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