Wednesday, September 20, 2006

'Life is to toilet as petrol is to car.'

You recently posted a comment on another blog:

About how any woman can destroy a man's life, even if he is innocent. Some people seem to have got the wrong impression, you would like to set them straight with a few bullet points:

* According to one of the respondents you have pictures of women's breasts on your blog everyday, really? There are no nude photos of women on your blog, period.

* Any man who rapes a woman deserves to be castrated and put in jail for life.

* You wouldn't want women wearing bags over their heads all the time, because there would be almost no reason to leave the house, afterall, a woman is more beautiful if you can witness her entire being.

* A woman who feels that she has been used by a man, for sex, can make his life hell without any effort at all. All it takes is a flase allegation, crocodile tears, a few acting classes and a good performance infront of a jury.

* The British Justice System is innocent until proven guilty, but apparently not in rape cases.

* Any woman who makes a false allegation of rape and then recants it should be charged with wasting police time and have the book thrown at her.

You also include a few links for others to read, pehaps they will not be so quick to slate you in future:

'Regarding this study, 41% of the total disposed rape cases were officially declared false during a 9-year period, that is, by the complainant's admission that no rape had occurred and the charge, therefore, was false.' Eugene J. Kanin, Ph.D.

The next thing you are going to say might not be the way to win readers and influence people, but it has to be said.

Yes women get raped, everyday, and the men/women who do this need to be punished, you think life in prison with only bread and water is appropriate. But like it or not, false allegations of rape are common. Buyer's remorse, feeling used after a one night stand, wanting to save face, you could go on. These are only some of the reasons why women would make false allegations.

If people don't think that false allegations go on, and are prepared to defend the women who make these allegations, then they should wake up, grow up and realise that even if a man is cleared of raping a woman, on the basis that she has recanted her statement, his life will remain in the toilet where she put it.

Food for thought, perhaps?


At 5:50 AM, Blogger fjl said...

False allegations are all over the useless corrupt justice system, and police are idle and currupt alot of the time. There's more evil and spite in the Justice system than in any woman's toilet.

At 12:16 AM, Anonymous outofyourleague said...

Joe90, I feel sorry for you. You live in a naive world. You propagate the myth that all police officers are white, male and chauvinist bastards. Oops, sorry, I guess the word "propagate" has a few too many syllables for you

At 12:35 PM, Anonymous Arksos said...

I feel sorry for anyone woman who is raped, and even more so for any woman who lies about being raped to feel good about themselves, or punish a fellow human being.

I feel even more sorry for the section of men in society who have been raped and feel so ashamed they dont ever report it...

I wonder if that section of society have ever made false rape claims to feel good about themselves and justify a one night stand...


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