Saturday, August 19, 2006

A right to live, like anyone else?

'Human life: This is any living entity that has DNA from the species homosapiens. This includes an ovum, spermatozoon, zygote, embryo, fetus, newborn.'

A woman walks into a hospital; she says she wants to kill her child. She wants to stop her child from breathing, from dreaming, from living. There is one reason why she can do this; the one reason it is legal is that the child is still inside of her. Should this really be legal?

A young woman walks in the room, she sits next to you. She is beautiful, long black hair, bright blue eyes, a bright smile and a shy manner. Over the next few weeks, she sits by you in every lecture; she talks to you, smiling and laughing, she is happy with her life, she loves her life. She's smart, polite and has a beautiful soft voice. Thankfully this woman was born; her mother didn't decide to kill her before she took a breath in the world. Her mother and father are proud of her; she's making her way in the world and doing well. It is a pleasure to see.

Abortion terminates a human life, is that murder? You believe it is.

There are alternatives to abortion, one being adoption. There are couples out there who cannot have children, they desperately want to have a child but cannot conceive. It is selfish for a person to abort, to kill a child that could be loved, cared for and given a great life by someone else.

A few facts about abortion:

1. The laws of the United States do not acknowledge the right a father to stop the abortion of his own child.
2. Number of abortions per year: Approximately 46 Million
3. Number of abortions per day: 100,000
4. Worldwide, the lifetime average is about 1 abortion per woman.

Have a think about that, innocent lives taken away before they ever got the chance to live their life, this cannot be right.


At 11:14 AM, Blogger ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Ah, but what about say rape victims or those who it was a big mistake and pregnancy would ruin their life for example lose jobs etc.
Ofcourse there are those who instead of buying a packet of condoms simply have sex, get pregnant and have an abortion on the nhs time after time as its cheaper

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Two Passports said...

The statistics are shocking and it is a very emotive issue. I can assure you though that most women regret their abortions and it is never, ever and easy decision. Sadly, the tragedy and magnitude of what abortion is doesn't hit a lot of women until much, much later.

At 11:13 AM, Blogger fjl said...

Yes, and it's a huge mistake for a woman. However, you have to be open minded about the circumstances.

At 12:23 AM, Anonymous usecondoms said...

Joe90, the day you give birth and find it a walk in the park will be the day you can talk about adoption as comparable to abortion in terms of trauma to the woman.

Statistically the sort of people who have abortions are the sort of feckless idiots who give birth to tomorrow's criminals (see Freakonomics). That beautiful woman in the lecture - the one who won't date you - came from a planned pregnancy, and she got into college because her parents were married and paid for her education.

Have you considered self-abortion?


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