Thursday, June 01, 2006


In your time as a cop you've had a few interesting partners:

The Bored One:

This guy was, well, you could tell he was bored with the job. He didn't really want to leave the station at times. He tried everything he could not to go to what he called 'the shit jobs'. If a urgent job came in where someone was actually being hurt or the police were actually needed, he would be in the car and making his way to the scene like a rabbit, faster than the speed of light. He was a good cop, but not your type, you wanted to be out there going to every job and running to every shout, so you didn't gell very well. However this Officer did have some good stories to tell and some experience to share.

The eager one:

This Officer was quite frankly, crazy and very eager to please. He took all the jobs, every single one. He didn't care about the paperwork, that was increasingly mounting on his desk. He saw being a Police Officer as a way to connect with people who he wouldn't usually meet on a day to day basis. He would talk to the criminals like he had known them for years. You enjoyed your time with him, because it was different, in a good way.

The posh one:

Now this guy was 'oh so polite', on blue light runs he instead of shouting or cursing under his breath to the drivers who wouldn't move when they saw the blue lights, he would say things like 'Jolly good that idiot, if you would kindly move old chap I will try and get through.' He would ask the arrested person politely to 'step this way' or 'move as quick as you like old chap'. He never shouted or became annoyed, calm was his 'river'.

The all rounder:

This Officer was the best Copper you have worked with, he was the epitomy of Police work. He knew what to do, how to behave and when to take control. If the situation required it he would be firm, or polite whatever the situation needed. He did all the paperwork on time, and he knew all the laws he was going to use. He never shyed away from a job and always took what he was given. He was a pleasure to work with, a cop's cop.

What you knew when you joined was that all Police Officers are different, there is no tried and tested style. But one thing you knew was to stay away from the Officers who cause more problems than they are supposed to solve.


At 10:09 PM, Blogger fjl said...

Exactly. The public feel just the same way.

This is a good, different blog. I'm supposed to be reducing my blogroll, not adding to it. :-)

At 10:20 PM, Blogger fjl said...

Interesting, I was just adding you to blogroll, and at first the link didn't go through. I had written Joe90 at blogspot instead of hero90.
How quickly we forget! :-)

At 9:21 PM, Blogger ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Excellent post my good friend!! I was able to put every copper I know under each of these catagories! Brilliant!

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