Saturday, April 22, 2006

You feel for them.

You're sat in the station, drinking coffee. You hate coffee that isn't decaffinated, but today it tastes alright. But anyway, your partner runs up to you and let's you know that a Code Red Domestic incident has come over and you need to go with him, now.

You run out of the station with him and jump in the car, the blue lights go on and you speed out of the station gates and onto the open road. You rush through the streets, through red lights and overtake cars that pull over to let you through. As you get closer to the incident you wonder what will happen when you get there, will people be hurt? Will people be dead? You have no idea.

As you pull round the corner onto the road, you see two people stood outside a house. One woman, one man. There isn't any shouting and there isn't a commotion. Your alert status goes up and you wonder if it's a set up, a trick luring you to an assualt. It transpires that the man has had a fight with his girlfriend and she has smashed his front window with a brick, the woman stood with him is his next door neightbour and has witnessed it all.

Your partner goes into the man's house and you go into the woman's. As you enter you smell something, it's beautiful, a hint of lavender and lemon. You also see children sitting on the sofa, watching TV. You take a statement from the woman and then you go and talk to the chidren, you love children, they are innocent, they are without sin. You feel for them and the mother, they have to live next to this, they have to live in fear that their property will be damaged, all because the guy next door won't keep his trousers on.

That woman is one of the reasons you do your job, why should she and her family have to suffer? Well the answer to that is that she bloody well shouldn't have to, she's innocent as are her children. If only the world you live in saw that and acted accordingly.


At 9:21 PM, Blogger DogsBody said...

It's the kids I feel sorry for at Domestics, growing up seeing Daddy hitting Mummy - it's not right.
I also feel sorry for the victims but know that when we leave with offender in cuffs, victim will be making a withdrawal statement.
How many times have we heard the phrase "But I love him..."

The feeling you get when you run on blue lights is great aint it! Still remember my "first time!" Just waiting for my response course now :)

At 1:05 AM, Blogger Joe90 said...

The feeling when travelling with blue lights is great, but in the back of my mind is always that other feeling of not knowing what to expect when I get there.

The domestics can be infuriating, but at least we know we are trying our best.


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