Thursday, April 13, 2006

Life is everyday, every minute and every second.

You wake up in the morning ready to embrace the new day, or maybe not. Rubbing your eyes to get the dust away is the best part, the sun is shining and the birds are singing, what a lovely day. This is all taken away however when you read that another Officer has had his life taken from him by a criminal (scum), who thought it would be clever to try and escape from a moving patrol car. Your thoughts are with the Officer's family and close collegues at this time, this terrible time that should never have been.

Life is everyday, every second and every minute, that's why you live it to the full. You don't want to hang around sitting on your backside and watch life go by, pass by. Thats why when you get on the bus you look for someone to talk to, someone who looks beautiful so that you may complement them, this happened the other day. You were sat at the back of the bus, watching the traffic and listening to your MP3 Player. At the next stop you noticed a woman stood, she was most likely one of the most beautiful women you have ever seen. She had the right figure and the rest. When she got on the bus she stood up at first, you tried to get her attention to tell her there was a seat next to yours or even infront, anything to get a closer look at this example of beauty. She eventually moved to the seat infront of you and you realised just how beautiful she was, stunning black hair, beautiful brown eyes, amazing figure and her voice, well, to put it mildly it was a taste of heaven.

As you approach the next town you tap her on the shoulder and tell her she looks 'nice today', is that all you could say, now that is lame. You wanted to mention she was beautiful, fantastic, stunning and utterly divine, but to say that would make you sound like a stalker, you couldn't have that. She mentions something to the girls who are sat near her, you have no idea what is said, best left to the imagination. For the rest of her bus ride you watch her, she's got poise, she's not a sex object to you, like so many other women, you seem to respect her, even though you don't even know her name. As she comes to her stop, she get's ready to alight the bus, you tap her on the shoulder again and tell her to 'Take care.'

You haven't got a clue who she is, what she does or what she is, but you feel feelings towards her, feelings that you only feel once in a while, and boy do they feel good.

Life is full of suprises, that's why you must hold onto it, there IS nothing like it.


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