Friday, April 21, 2006

The State of Affairs.

You can walk down the street in this country, look at someone the wrong way and they feel it's a justified reason to beat you to a pulp and film it. The kind of people that do this are bastards, scum, lowlife, pondlife, complete and utter shaps of shit. But you know all they will get is a year in a YOI or a Caution.

This kind of behaviour needs to be stopped, it needs to be cut down and chopped up into shreads. It needs a zero tolerance approach and serious penalties put in place. It makes you angry that people get away with so much, they get off 'scot free' and are able to walk away while their victims have life changing injuries.

You try and clean up the mess, but your efforts seem to do nothing to stop it. Maybe one day the state of affairs in this country will improve, but aslong as the criminals don't fear the law, it will remain the same.


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