Friday, April 28, 2006

Heads will role, almost literally.

This lovely evening at nine o'clock you sat down to watch a progam on Channel 4, you'd heard a lot about it from various internet forums and blogs, but you had no idea (fact) what it would contain. You expected it to involve lots of footage, lots of incriminating and lots of Anti Police remarks.

You clearly have a problem with an awful lot of the footage shown, the behaviour of some of the officers appalled you and you think they are a disgrace to the uniform. However it is quite clear that the woman who filmed this has a grudge against the Police, male Officers especially.

You are in no way condoning the bahaviour of the Officers in the footage, but her motives are questionable as is her credibility. This is so because she seems to be commenting on the speck in other people's eyes when she has a plank in her own. She comments on Sexism in the Police Force, but makes remarks about the attitudes of 'mainly men' towards rapes, now that you know is sexism.

She's left the Police to pursue a profitable career in TV. Therefore you, the honest, hardworking (feeling your head grow here) street bobbie has been left by her to pick up the pieces, the mess that the public might create because of this TV Show.



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