Monday, May 21, 2007

It's only words.....

When ever you are confronted by a situation where you may need to use force, chasing a man with an iron bar, or maybe a twelve year old boy, who just happens to be six foot three, you always think of this, afterwards.

You've never seen so many cops before, you counted at least twelve, all in one place, at one time, it was like a buffet. Short cops, tall cops, young cops, old cops, good looking cops, not so good looking cops, male cops and female cops.

In the centre of all these cops, the reason why they are all there, is a man, about six foot, with a beard and his son. You have no idea why every cop and his dog has congregated, but you're there anyway. The man is showing all the warning signs of violence, clenching his fists, foaming at the mouth, and as you watch from the front, you know he's going to blow, you feel it is a certainty.

But suddenly out steps an Officer from the crowd, he talks to the man, asking him politely to calm down, he shows him respect, he remains calm throughout the situation. Moments later the man is, in return, calm, he's no longer a threat. The man is then arrested by the Officer, and you and your collegue are selected to transport the man to the custody suite.

This constable, who stepped to the front of the group, who dealt with the situation with skill and complete professionalism, you have been crewed with him on a few occasions and you can say this, is most likely the best Cop you have ever had the pleasure of working with.

But sometimes, words are not enough, with the changing climate of policing today, it's no wonder that this can happen, and the criminal who did it, will most likely be out of jail in a few years, no justice.


At 8:08 PM, Blogger Girl*Next*Door said...

Truly evil. He doesn't deserve to have freedom & so should be kept behind bars for life, whether it will happen or not is another story, I'm sure Liberty & the sort will be backing him all the way for his 'human' rights when in reality he is the lowest of the lowest of the low. That really did chill me, sickening.


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