Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sending a boy on a man's errand?

She was (and always will be) beautiful, intelligent, sexy, and sweet. When she smiled her gorgous brown eyes would light up, the stars in the sky weren't as bright, when you kissed her amazing body, it would rise towards you, when she cried it made you want to fight the world on her behalf.

As she stood there wearing a Mickey Mouse T-Shirt, you didn’t try to chat her up or to charm her into going out with you, you just wanted to get to know her as a person. After doing just that, you found out you were the complete opposite of each other, she was hard working, always polite to everyone, she liked to know what was going on everywhere with everyone and she cared so much about other people it humbled you. On the other hand, you were lazy, adapt to minding your own business, so brash many considered it offensive and your apathy was perhaps too much towards the end of the scale.

She taught you how to care, you taught her when to step back, she explained to you that you needed to work for what you want, and you explained to her when to let the future run it’s course.

The chemistry undeniable, complete opposites drawn together, by their own differences, by their own inperfections some even called it a natural attraction.

As it came to an abrupt end, tears streamed down her pretty face and you made a few sarcastic comments you much regret. You freely admit that you should have tried harder and treated her more like she deserved to be treated, like the princess she is and the goddess she will always be.

In some areas of life there are no second chances, no reprieves, and these areas you can be sure, are the most important.

'You know you are in love, when you see the world in her eyes, and her eyes everywhere in the world.' David Levesque.


At 10:41 AM, Blogger fjl said...

That's very true. Very nicely written and a very important observation at the end.. you do that really well.


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