Saturday, December 23, 2006

You've been served......

You're stood at the checkout of your local supermarket with some items to buy, the usual stuff that people buy at Christmas. As the lovely store assistant scans the items she is smiling away and as the bottle of wine goes through she asks you for some ID. Now this isn't a problem, she's doing her job and you aren't offended. You hand her your NUS Student card.

Shop assistant: 'Sorry, I can't accept that.'
You: 'I've used it before here and at other stores.'
Shop assistant: 'I really am sorry but that is not accepted as a form of ID.'
You: 'I've got two credit cards and a bank card, will that be alright?'
Shop assistant: 'No sorry I can't take those either.'

Now one thing you don't like doing is carrying your Warrant card around with your driving license, because you have heard of Officers being mugged and being very grateful that they weren't carrying their license as it has their home address on.

You: 'I have a Police warrant card, will that be alright, it's got my photo on it.'
Shop assistant: 'No I can't accept that either.'
You (laughing): 'Can I speak to a supervisor please, I know you're only doing your job and I commend you for it, but i've got five forms of ID and you still won't believe i'm eighteen.'

Thankfully as chance would have it, something occurred that sorted the situation out, and you managed to get served and went on your way, wishing the Shop assistant a Merry Christmas. Even though you were laughing, at the time it was quite embarrassing as you were holding up a que of Christmas Shoppers (the worst kind of shoppers).

It's funny how you confiscate alcohol off youths who are fourteen, when you can't even get served in a Superstore without divine intervention.

C'est la Vie.


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