Thursday, December 14, 2006

Merry Christmas or Merry Winter?

Just because you are a straight white male, doesn’t mean that if you get assaulted by a black man you want a straight white and male police officer to attend the scene. If a Muslim gets their house burgled and all their expensive property stolen, they most likely wouldn't care if the Officer that visits them is Muslim; it most likely doesn’t even cross their mind, they just want an Officer to attend.

So why in heaven’s name, is it necessary to perform ‘positive action’? Even to the point where applications from white males are disposed of in the nearest rubbish bin.

If an equal amount of the police force is made up of, straight white men, women, homosexuals and ethnic minorities, it would be great and you would like that to happen. But who really cares? If a homosexual is injured in a suspected homophobic attack, you doubt his first question to the Officer attending would be:

‘Are you a homosexual Officer?’

It would most likely be:

‘Are you going to get the bastards that did this to me?’

It comes to something when Christmas Lights are being renamed because other faiths might get offended, who thinks up these stupid and idiotic ideas?


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