Thursday, December 07, 2006

'You're too beautiful to ignore. Too much woman.'

One of your hobbies is that of ornithology, not in the specific sense of the word, but in the cockney riming slang of it, in other words, you take great pleasure and excitement from witnessing women and watching the way they behave. Granted you draw the line at using binoculars and climbing trees, but you are certainly not averse to taking a look as they walk by you in the street.

You have sat with people and discussed women, some have been indifferent to the concept, and others have been downright disrespectful, using generalisations and obscenities to describe their ‘ever so important’ feelings. You have sat there in disgust, listening to their rhetoric and banality, thinking that they are people who wouldn’t know love if it hit them directly in the face and pierced, their ever so hard hearts.

Recently you were discussing a situation with someone you know, the issue of mortality. As he outlined the situation you could see he was affected by it, but as you sat their listening you admired his attitude, he was pushing back the tears and making the most of the optimism. Usually you would have made a joke or a sarcastic comment, but not this time, it took discipline, something you haven’t got much of, but you managed to take the situation seriously.

You said to this young man, that if you had only a day to live, the only things you would do in that day is watch and think of women. Not as objects of lust and sexual desire, but with the view of admiration, adoration, affection and appreciation. Admiring the way they smell, adoring the way they walk, showing affection for the way they smile and appreciating the way they cry.

Whether a woman is old, young, curvy or slim, whether they are brunette or blonde, intelligent or ditsy, when God made them, he made them with a purpose, the purpose to be women, and some you add, complete that purpose to perfection.

'Worlds may change; galaxies disintegrate, but a woman... always remains a woman.' James T Kirk.


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