Friday, September 29, 2006

A hiding to nothing?

Protestors at G8 Summit

Some people may say that this is a tad harsh, that the Police were reacting unnecessarily to the protestors. Why are the previous confrontations, involving missiles and weapons not shown?

You say to these people, especially the one with the angel wings, what’s all that rubbish about? She can’t fly, Cheryl Tweedy with Angel wings yes, because she deserves them, she is an Angel, no doubt.

Then that man at the end thinking he’s Jack Bauer on his Mobile telephone; can he strangle anyone with a cordless phone? No, well then he’s not Jack Bauer, he is a loser, who should get a real job.

These people should try living in Korea, they wouldn't even get the right to protest.

Yes these people have the right to protest, but in the end there is a time to give it a rest. Dressing up in silly outfits, with wings and fluffy hats isn’t the way to prove a point; it’s an easy way to get sectioned under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act though.


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