Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Solace for the accused.......

The very beautiful Katherine Jenkins should never go out in public near Mistletoe, it would start a RIOT, because everyman alive would want to taste perfection.

John Redwood states:

'There is a difference between a man using unreasonable force to assault a woman on the street, and a disagreement between two lovers over whether there was consent on one particular occasion when the two were spending an evening or night together.'

Women can be fierce and nasty creatures, in the past you have been slapped, your car has been subjected to eggs and flour, and you have even been threatened with castration by women who feel you have done them wrong. It is not too far from your mind, that one day one woman who feels you have done her wrong, might go as far as to 'cry rape'.

To be quite honest, if you had any feelings at all, this would scare you more than the thought of having a loaded firearm pointing at your head, why? Because if you are shot dead, you are just that dead. But if a woman that you have slept with decides that it might make her feel better to tell someone you raped her, your life will be quite literally, worse than hell.

You would be arrested, subjected to many humiliating procedres, some of your family would believe you, others would disown you, your name would most likely be paraded through the newspapers, whilst her name would be kept secret, you wouldn't know who was on your side, and worst of all, you would face losing your freedom, on the decision of twelve people you don't even know, about whether or not her tears were genuine.

Women are raped, they are subjected to degredation, and such actions are abhorent and need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, but one thing people should never forget aswell, is that this society is rife with double standards, and in a situation where it is 'he said, she said', neither side should hold the high ground.

'Young men do not want to have to take a consent form and a lawyer on a date, just as young women have every right to go on a date and to say 'No', having it respected.'

John Redwood, Member of Parliament.


At 1:07 PM, Blogger Emma said...

What an excellent and true post Joe...hope you had a good christmas..xx


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