Sunday, January 11, 2009

Guilty in the press court....

'RTC boss, she says she's crashed her car into a lamp post on the Low road, she wants Police to help her.'
'Typical, she's a woman.'
'No boss, she didn't say she had reversed it in to a lampost, it was a frontal collision.'

At this point your boss burst out laughing, your boss is a female.

It was three years ago, before he went to Afghanistan, in three years a person can change, a person's values and beliefs can be completely reversed, he's been to a war, he has most likely killed people, directly or indirectly.

Yes that doesn't excuse what Price Harry said, saying the word 'paki', it doesn't make it right, in fact it is most likely wrong, but people hang him all the same, declare him guilty, without any consideration of the circumstances.

'He is then shown making a mock mobile call to the Queen, the Commander in Chief of the British Army, in front of other cadets.'

You find that quite funny, most of your colleagues don't care about the Queen, do they do their job for her, no, they all do it for different reasons, but you have never heard the Queen being one of those reasons.

Banter in the military is part of what makes the job great, the day the Politically Correct squad on their high horses take it out, the job won't be half as enjoyable.

'Political correctness is just tyranny with manners.'

Charlton Heston.


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