Sunday, January 04, 2009

The grey man........

When a person speaks out, it shows that they have character, and that they actually believe what they are saying. It is easy, comfortable, to sit back and watch something happen, to not become involved. You suspect that most people sit back, because of fear. They are fearful of what people will think of them if they do get involved, or disagree. They may fear being called a heretic, a bigot, a outcast, downright crazy or just being noticed, picked out in a crowd.

In society being different can be a problem, if a person is not the same as everyone else it causes them to be noticed, to be singled out. That in turn means that they are watched more, their actions are more scrutinized than others. Society has started to breed an atmosphere where being a 'grey man', a person who is so devoid of character, follows everyone else, not noticeable, is the best way to be. In training it was the same, you noticed that the 'grey man', the person who was devoid of any sort of character, just moving along in the background, hoping no one would notice them, always seemed to make it through.

If a person is two dimensional, how can they be found faulting, but all the same, how can people find a trait in them to praise. People need to go against the norm, they need to start speaking and standing up, don't follow the crowd, or become a sheep following the shepherd, being too scared to disagree or to put a different point of view forward. You have criticised feminists in the past, and you disagree with them, but at least they have the 'balls' to speak up, stand up, and for that you respect them.

'If you lose money, you lose nothing, If you lose time, you lose something,If you lose character you lose every thing.'

Swami Vivekananda


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