Monday, June 11, 2007

Idol swine?

Police Officers are lazy, idol and of course, they don't care. Because when they go home at night, usually in the dark, they just switch off, all the things they have seen, heard and felt during the hours that fell before them, are gone, they will never remember them, they will never lay awake at night seeing the faces, the crying, the weeping of the children who can't take it anymore, the destroyed lives, the children who have no hope for the future, because their parents have destined it to be, the sloth that some live in, the greed that influences so many actions, that cause such wrath, the lack of humanity that seems to plague the God forsaken streets of this country.

It really is time that all Police Constables were made redundant, that all Special Constables were told their services are no longer required and that all members of Police Management were flogged for their services to the community. Because after all, Police Officers only hand out speeding fines and arrest innocent people, they only sit in the station and eat food, they only watch Television when they should be out on the beat.

They never die for what they believe to be right, they never brave fire and certain death when people might be in danger, they don't care about people they don't know who are standing in a pool of petrol trying to end it all, they most certainly don't risk serious personal harm on routine calls and they are always backed up by their common sense driven and forward thinking Police force.

'You want to trust me. I know that. But you're holding back that little bit. Tell me what happened. I'm not going to write it down or anything. I'm going to sit right here. You see no...I have no pen in my hand. Nothing up my sleeve. Please, don't look at me as a cop. Look at me as a friend. Look at me as a friend.'

Detective Frank Pembleton, Homicide: Life on the Street.


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