Monday, April 19, 2010

De oppresso liber.......

Mr Mark Leader  has been discharged from the UK Armed Forces for throwing a wellington boot at a member of the Taliban who was found planting an IED in Afghanistan.  Now, many people are calling for this man to be reinstated, Facebook pages, petitions and all the usual clichés. 

You have read quite a few of the comments on this Facebook Group, and have come to the conclusion that people are maybe a little ill informed.  They seem to think that this man threw the wellington boot at the Taliban fighter whilst he was actually planting the IED, which would have been a legal way of dealing with the situation and understandable.  However what a court martial believes happened is that a SNCO in the Royal Marines, one of the most well known, revered and respected fighting forces in the world, sought out a human being, and assaulted him, while he was almost defenceless.  No matter what this member of the Taliban had done, no matter who he was, no matter how he had treated others, he was to be treated with respect and within the confines of those rules which this SNCO had fought to protect, signed up to abide buy and taken an oath to uphold.

People are throwing around clichés such as ‘Necessary evil’, but a question they should ask themselves is this, how can we possibly put an end to persecution and oppression, if we become the persecutors and oppressors ourselves?  Was the punishment too harsh? Did it fit the crime? Did he actually act in self-defence? Has there been a serious miscarriage of justice here? Was an example made of this man? Should seventeen years of service helped him at Court Martial, or should all those years of service taught him that rules are there for a reason, for a purpose?

Members of the UK Armed Forces, especially those in positions of authority, who should be setting an example, Officers, SNCOs, NCOs and the Military Police, have to be held to a higher moral standard than others, because they are at the spearhead of the fight to free the oppressed, help the helpless, to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

'Moral principle is the foundation of law.'

Ronald D Workin.


At 8:55 AM, Blogger Dreaduk said...

Well said but was a mitigating plea taken seriously or just dismissed for politically correct reasons.

A man who has probably seen his friends and colleagues killed and maimed by IED's; who has lived for months at a time under the strain of knowing his next patrol may be his last; recognising that he may well leave his wife and children alone whilst suffering that deep down unspoken guilt because he, at some point, actually enjoyed killing a man. Could he ever admit that to the politically correct world he's going to have to re-enter one day? Of course not.

Few of us can possibly understand the conditions these men work under and the mental stress they suffer. Perhaps the Police have an inkling, sometimes one is tempted to add the little punch just to let a little scrote know who's boss, so the next time he might think twice about taking you on.

And what is reasonable force anyway? I was assaulted as I opened my front door one day by the drunk son of a neighbour. I got stuck in and had it not been for another neighbour and my wife restraining me I would have made sure he would never have considered coming near me again. My clear intention was to smash his teeth in so that every time he looked in the mirror he would remember never to come near me or my family again as its too dangerous. I don't think that's an unreasonable defence of my family, myself and my home. If someone perpetrates a crime they relinquish their own right to human rights.

This soldier hit a murderer with a welly boot and suffered a fate far worse than fitted the crime. Is that justice? Is it justice when the politicians who put him there in the first place suffer no admonishment indeed they are immune from Police intervention and even attempt to invoke a political regulation to harbour from claims of fraud, a criminal offence.

Are we all mad?

At 3:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you joking man? This guy is a hero.

At 12:09 PM, Anonymous Mike said...

The Britis are nuts.
Next they'll be serving Tea and Muffins to the Taliban


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