Saturday, October 31, 2009


You have been Policing since you were eighteen years of age, and in those years you have come across a few interesting situations, and you can safely say that in most of these situations alcohol has been a contributing factor.

If she fronted a new perfume, it certainly wouldn't be called 'Dignity'.

It's all fun and games, until someone is raped.

Will he be in a cell an hour later, or an ambulance?

Binge drinking can cause the following:

Brain damage
Alcoholic Poisoning

High Blood pressure
Breast cancer
Skeletal Muscle Damage

In emergency rooms, self-reported alcohol consumption within six hours of admission is higher for injured than uninjured attendees. 20-40% of emergency admissions are intoxicated; the night-time rate is higher at 80%.

It was your first Saturday night on duty in a very long time, it was no longer the summer holidays, so you didn't have much time to put the hours in during the week, your girlfriend was working, and your mates were going out and getting pissed, so when you realised you had nothing else to do, you decided to go in and do a few hours.

It was about 2300 hrs, you were sat in the town centre in a police car watching all the people walk by, looking down your rather large nose at them, wondering what possessed them to come out on such a cold night, wearing next to nothing. Your brain working, the cogs turning, you started to think of the reasons, but you didn't get very far down the list, because the airwave radio perked up.

You weren't the first car to arrive at the club, so when you arrived the crowds had already gathered, the screams, the shouting, the laughing, the mixed emotions, the paramedics, the police officers, the door staff, the mother, the daughter, the son, the father, the girlfriend, the brother, and the blood.

It was all fun and games, until someone was 'GLASSED'.


At 7:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luckily not had to deal with anything like that yet, but seen enough drunken behaviour through police eyes that I've noticed how much more restrained I am when out with friends than I used to be.


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