Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sensitivity or bias?

This link was posted on a forum that you read, and it caught your eye:

Police to avoid Ramadan Arrests

If a person fails to turn up at court, then they should be arrested at any time, anyplace.

Police: We are here to arrest you, you are wanted on warrant.
Wanted Criminal: I’m just praying, can you come back in a month when my religious festival is over?
Police: Yes of course, no problem. Here’s my phone number, let me know when we can arrest you.

One member couldn’t have summed up the situation better:

‘If I ever have a warrant out for me, and in the unlikely event the police here ever adopt such tactics, I shall form my own religion, declare an annual, 365 day long 'religious occasion' and request the police don't arrest me during that time.’

The News article states clearly:

'Greater Manchester Police confirmed it had asked detectives not to make planned arrests during those periods for reasons of religious sensitivity.'

Is this situation the same as the Muslim Cartoons, where Officers were ordered to stand by and not arrest people commiting offences because it could cause problems? You say this, what an absolute breach of the Oath.

You draw attention to this part of it, took by every Police Officer in England and Wales:

'with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality'

When a religion other than christianity is involved, is this oath made void and a new one put in place? Because that seems to be the case.

If people don't attend court when they should, then they must realise that whatever they are doing, wherever they are doing it, is not important. They gave up the freedom to decide, when they broke the law.

It seems the Police Force is treading on egg shells, when it doesn't even need to.


At 10:27 PM, Blogger frhe sjgg said...

Joe 90,

No kidding. Sometimes there is a wee bit too much of bending over backwards to be p.c./fear of stepping on toes...

Since when does religion of any kind take precedence over breaking the law and being accountable for it ?

Excuse me while I rape/rob/commit arson/kidnap/sell drugs/murder -- because I'm in Church right now (translation - I have better and more imprtant things to do than face the music/think that the law applies to me except when I am in the mood for it to...)

Other than THAT, have an excellent Sunday, a happy upcoming Halloween and a good week ahead !

Be Safe Out There !

Anne Elizabeth

At 9:42 AM, Blogger fjl said...

Planned arrests and spontaneous arrests are two different things. Does confound the investigations abit though, doesn't it. As I've been demonstrating, Inspectors very rarely do any detective work that makes the smallest sense and scapegaot the good juniurs for their own idle blunders. If you see abit of detective work that needs doing, best to get up and do it.
They want a day off of course, very unlikely to be a religious reason.

At 9:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happens at christmas to christians then?

At 1:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have a very nieve outlook joe the pc cultural diversity thing is deeply embedded into huge chunks of society to such a point that even middle aged middle class women are voting for the bnp in bradford as enough is enough. we all need to be treated the same, fairness is equality but in every walk of life we see unfairness.7 15 yr old children commited the same offence at school 5 white boys expelled the girl can stay as her father is a governor and the asian boy can stay at school as the governors felt it would cause racial tension in the area if he were expelled. guess whose mum i am and guess who i vote for.enough is enough !


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